What is myOpel?

myOpel takes driving an Opel one step further. myOpel can make looking after your Opel easier for you, delivers individual offers perfectly suited for your Opel, gives you access to OpelConnect features, and much more. 

Who is myOpel for?

The tailored service for our customers means myOpel is perfect for anyone who drives an Opel.

Is myOpel free?

Yes, myOpel is free to use for all Opel drivers.

How can I get the most out of myOpel?

The better we know you and the Opel you drive, the better we can tailor our services and content just for you. Just add your vehicle into your myOpel account, your information in the myProfile section, select your preferred dealer with our Dealer Locator and let us know how to contact you.

Where can I find Opel offers?

You’ll find our offers right after login on the “Overview” page. And if you’ve given us some information about your car and your preferred service dealer, the offers you see will be exclusive to you and your Opel.

Where can I get these offers?

You can purchase our offers at any participating Opel Service Partner. In our Dealer Locator you can find the Opel workshop closest to you and save them to your profile as your preferred service dealer.

What’s the Service Reminder for?

The Service Reminder is a tool to notify you if any inspections are due for your vehicle. After you log in, just enter your Opel’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and we’ll tell you when your services are due.

How does the Service Reminder work?

All we need is your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from your car documents. Then we can work out when your Opel needs a service based on when it was registered. If you want to activate this service, insert your vehicle´s VIN when adding your vehicle to your myOpel account. Make sure that you allow us to contact you by setting your contact preferences in myProfile section.

How often do I need to get my vehicle serviced?

Service intervals vary for each model, but you can find our recommendation for your car in your owner's manual. If you're still unsure, please contact an Opel dealer and they’ll be happy to help.

What can I use an Online Service Request for?

You can use this online tool to book your service with an Opel Service Partner. You can also let them know what your car needs in advance, so they’ll always be ready for your next visit. Your Opel Service Partner will contact you as soon as they receive your booking request.

How can I get a replacement owners' manual for my vehicle?

Call any Opel dealer and ask for the parts department. They will order a replacement for you. Alternatively, we have posted a selection of owners’ manuals in your myOpel account in the “Owner Manual” section.

Where can I buy spare parts and accessories, and how much do they cost?

Please speak to the parts department at any Opel dealer and they will help you find what you need. For accessories you can also check out our accessories catalogue. A link to the catalogue can be found on the Overview page right below your Opel offers.

Do I have to enter all the information in my profile?

Please fill out all the information in your profile. The better we know you and the Opel you drive, the better we can tailor our services and content just for you.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Yes, up to four vehicles can be registered in one account. To unlock all the functionalities myOpel has to offer, next time you are visiting your dealer request to verify the ownership of your vehicle(s).  

How can I change my data?

Changing your data can be done in myProfile section right in the dropdown menu below your username.

Why should I enter a VIN number?

If we know your VIN number, we can customise our services and offers for you, since it provides us with precise information about your Opel. You'll find your vehicle identification number (VIN) in your ownership documents. The VIN can also be found on your vehicle by checking the dashboard where it meets the windscreen on the driver’s side or by checking the doorpost on the driver’s side, just where the door latches when it is closed.

How can I change my vehicle data?

A big share of data can be created from our database once you’ve entered your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). There is no need for you to spend any time tediously checking your documents and entering the information. After entering your VIN just go to ‘Vehicle Details’, where you will find all details about your selected vehicle.

I didn't receive an activation email. How can I log in?

Please check your Junk folder for your account activation email. If it's not there, please attempt to login and a couple of options will be presented below the login boxes which you can select to resend the activation email to your inbox.

I’ve lost or forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

If you've forgotten your password, you can create a new one by clicking the Login button on the Homepage and then choosing the "Forgot Password" link.

How can I delete my account on myOpel?

You can delete your account at any time, although we hope you don’t want to. You can delete specific information from myProfile section, or you can deactivate your entire myOpel Web account. To do so, click the "Unsubscribe from myOpel Web" button in myProfile section and confirm this action. Deactivating your account will not change your communication preference choices. To opt out of being contacted, please update your communication preferences before selecting the “Unsubscribe from myOpel Web” option.
By removing your myOpel Web subscription, your myOpel App and – if applicable - your OpelConnect account will not be deleted. In order to remove or deactivate your myOpel App and/or OpelConnect account, please login directly using the same login credentials and follow the instructions of the respective platform. 
To permanently delete your account and all the data associated, please email with your request to:

I was a member of the previous myOpel site. Will my old login details still work?

Yes. We have transferred your account and login details to the new myOpel site, so you can still login as you normally would. You may be asked to create a new password as we have updated our security rules.

What happens if I have a new email address or I can no longer access the email account I previously registered with?

If you have a new email address or you can't access your previous email address, but you remember your password, head to myProfile section in the dropdown menu right under your username and change the email address. If you can't remember your password and you don't have access to your old email address you will need to re-register as a member of myOpel.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we take data privacy very seriously. For detailed information on the handling of your data please view our privacy policy.

Where is my data going and where will it be stored?

Your information will be kept safe and confidential. For detailed information on the handling of your data please view our privacy policy.

What is an opt-in?

Basically, opting-in allows for better services and offers from us. The more we know about you, the better we can take care of your car.

How can I opt-out of communications?

You may opt-out of marketing communications at any time by editing the contact preferences section in myProfile section, which you can find in the dropdown menu right under your username, and un-checking the relevant option.

How can I change my profile details?

Go to myProfile section, which you can find in the dropdown menu right under your username, you will see your current details displayed. Update your details then select 'Save' to save them to your profile.

How can I contact you?

Opel Automobile GmbH
65423 Rüsselsheim am Main

E-Mail: kontakt@opel-infoservice.de
Hotline +49 (0)6142 911 9800.
Monday to Friday 8.00am - 8.00pm.
Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm.


Where can I find my nearest Opel dealer?

If you have not chosen a preferred dealer yet, please do so by following the reminder in the Overview page or by clicking on the myDealer section in the top menu navigation in your myOpel account. There you have the chance to search for a dealer by name, city or your location.